My Husband Jeff holds 2 titles in the Whimsical Icings kitchen: 1. Official Dish Washer and 2. Senior Taste Tester. He has gone so far as to buy a hybrid car for all the trips he must make to the grocery store on baking days.

I have been baking for as long as I can remember. Helping mom in the kitchen was not just a chore but fun. Whether we were making cookies for the local fire department, making jelly, or baking pies and cakes for the bake sale, I loved the aromas and flavors of baking. Over the years I have made cakes for school and charity functions, candies for parties, and the dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies every Christmas.

About 4 years ago a friend asked me to go take Wilton classes with her, and my passions soared into overdrive. I have completed all the Wilton courses available here and was still hungry to move on and improve my skills. Since then, I continue to find anything and everything I can to add to my sweets obsessions. Including hands on and online classes, books and of course, trial and error in my very own kitchen, I have taken specialized courses under some of today top sugar artists including: Kathleen Lange spent a week straight teaching me the Lange/Lambeth Method or to those who know her well, teaching me to breathe, Chef Lucinda Larson owner of The Icing Diva, Jo Ellen Simon, CMSA (certified master sugar artist) of the Simply Elegant School of Sugar Art, Marsha and Roland Winbeckler, Reva Alexander-Hawk of Merci Beacoup, Chef Samantha Breeding of Brownie Points of and Sidney Galpern of Simi Cakes.

I love to keep learning and combining all of the techniques I learn into spectacular cakes and candies that do not only taste good but look good too.

If you have any ideas, don’t dismiss them as too hard or too expensive. Give me a call and we will see what we can do to stir your imagination into something created just for you.

Seamus is my official floor cleaner. Her prefers a light American Buttercream to an Italian but a pumpkin or a banana cake actually make him drool.

My very photographic daughter Zambi, is in charge of my Marketing. She has degrees in both Graphic Design and Photography. She take the photos of my product, designs themes and backgrounds and does most of my networking. She has all the talent and the genes to become a great decorator at some point should  she desires. But currently prefers to make an occasional fondant rose and keep me sane when the decorating goes to the early morning hours.